Amber Creek Farm


Amber Creek Farm is located at Fish Creek in South Gippsland, on the doorstep of Wilson’s Promontory.

The farm is on 165 acres of rolling countryside and two enterprises are run from the property:

Hogs & Logs.


At Amber Creek Farm we grow high quality pasture raised pork for local customers.

We are developing our own food production system that includes orchards, veggie patches, beehives, marauding chooks and eventually other animal species as well.

We live “off grid” and provide all of our own electricity, water and heating requirements.

Amber Creek also runs a sawmilling operation that uses locally sourced, salvaged timber from contractors, arborists and farmers. For more information about our Logs, or sawmilling and timber framing, head over to


 positive impact

Creating fertile soil, sequestering carbon, creating habitat, generating local economic activity and engaging with the local community.

no waste

Regarding everything as a resource


Using the pigs normally destructive habits of digging with their faces to create compost and build soil health and volume.


Trading with local businesses, selling our pork products within a days bike ride of the farm. Developing a regionally distinct product.


Dan and Amelia Bright.

Dan grew up on the dairy farm next door and always wanted to do some sort of farming, it just took a while to figure out how and what. His circuitous route saw him working as a diesel mechanic, exploring Africa, farming in Guernsey, and learning to sawmill.

Milly grew up locally and was lured back to Gippsland from her day job as a Prosthetist/Orthotist in the city by Dan with tales of the farming dream.  It was lucky she came equipped with mad skills and a suitcase of patience.

After a few years of working hard together this farming dream is starting to come true!